Born from the need to help brands extend their traditional marketing efforts online, we provide innovative results-driven integrated digital solutions. Our process is team based, so get ready to screen share.

Solar Technologies
Times Supermarkets
Hilo Hattie
Diamond Bakery
Doctors On Call Maui
Ocean Organic Vodka
Compass Home Loans LLC
Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii
J Montgomery Designs
Hawaii Marine Animal Response
Teeth Treat
Central Union Church Preschool
Stott Real Estate
Hokuli'a - The Big Island, Hawai'i
House America
Makana Akademy
Molokai Humane Society


Using the most cutting edge online solutions, we’re able to target customers at every stage of the purchase funnel. With the strategies we employ and our powerful, proprietary tools we are able to connect with prospects in a way no others can.

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Covert Communication is a full-service agency specializing in Integrated Online Marketing Solutions.



Our online approach is holistic. We see our clients & media partners as a part of the team. This means openly sharing and providing access to tools, results and optimization strategies to maximize results. We’re always at the forefront of online marketing, keeping our clients one step ahead of their competition.

Site Retargeting is a critical component of the online media mix that ensures we’re extending our online share-of-mind by aggressively placing ads in front of your lost prospects in order to re-engage them with your brand, attract them back to your site and complete the purchase.

Website Remarketing

More Inventory & Access
Access the largest network of online media inventory from 14,000+ publishers across 130+ countries.

Bid Strategy & Optimization 
Our online strategy is always to dominate. This means that our clients win on every possible customer impression after they leave our site. #cyberstalking

Dynamic Pixel Intelligence
Target users when they are most likely to convert based on their unique online behavior and at different stages of the consideration process.

This means having the ability to capture targeted, incremental prospects right at the moment of intent, when they’re searching for your products and services online. From traditional browser keyword search on Google, Yahoo and Bing, to next level targeting through affinity category & competitive conquesting, we use clearly-defined conversion goals to optimize results.

AdWords & Bing
We provide daily management of AdWords and Bing campaigns to help clients increase ad relevancy, ad position, impression share, and other key-performance indicators to increase conversions.

Reporting & Results
It’s imperative that AdWords accounts are linked to your Google Analytics site and that we’re tracking clearly defined on-site goals. Our process is broken into three phases – learning, optimization and trimming to maximize conversion results.

By leveraging our unique understanding of online consumer behavior from over 100 million+web destination partnerships, we’re able to provide scalable audience targeting across display and pre-roll video in real-time. i.e. We’re able to see every internet user’s behavior over 800 times per month. Watch the video to get started. 

Search Powered Audiences 
Capturing audiences, based on search terms, who are actively researching category-specific solutions and competitors to increase valuable site traffic and increase direct-response conversions.

Social Media Strategy 
From online brand management to daily social content creation and consumer engagement, our deep understanding of each social media tool ensures that we’re maximizing your trackable results on-site and off-site. Every client is unique and it’s important to identify a clear social media strategy and utilize the tools that will increase social virality and generate measurable results. Social Media should make you money, our approach is to use the right tools to help reach clear KPI’s.

Search Engine Optimization 
search engine optimizationWe provide a comprehensive solution for SEO to increase clients organic search and site ranking. Our tools include both on-site as well as aggressive off-site strategies. Based on each client’s online marketing mix, we use Google AdWords as a key part of SEO optimization. This tactic decreases lost ads due to rank and increases search-impression share at a lower cost-per-click for clients. In addition to monthly content creation, bookmark submissions and a plethora of other on-going activities, we focus on building long-term organic value..

Online Solutions

We’re experts in a broad range of systems integrations and business information solutions. Whether you need to implement new business information solutions or integrate with existing systems, our team will provide you with the right solution to meet your business goals. And since we’re not affiliated with any software vendors, we can also objectively recommend new technology approaches when necessary. We listen to – and understand – your unique set of conditions before we plan, design and build the complex systems you need to meet your business requirements.

CRM Integrations
Connect your CRM system into your various management platforms and integrate third party business data into the workflow of your sales team. Use our custom built CRM or let us integrate with your existing systems.

API Development & Integration
Create toolkits to access data in your existing systems and integrate external APIs to connect your internal systems with those of partners and information providers.

Smart Reporting
Automate your reporting workflow and gain access to the information that is important to you.

Enterprise Application Integration
Allow multiple applications across your enterprise to work together.

Feed Integration
Leverage your subscriptions with business information providers by integrating their feeds into a central interface or application.


Over the past 7 years we’ve generated over 2 million in added value media for clients & nonprofit partners. We create opportunities for clients to generate massive exposure through what we call “breakout” PR. We’re continually focused on ways for clients to get more coverage by creating our own POP up PR stunts, shooting them, editing them and submitting them to the news (local & national). We believe PR is much more than issuing a press release.  Spotlight examples below. Many more available upon request.


Our integrated approach starts with bringing together the best team of experts in every facet of marketing. With over 100 years of combined experience in Branding, Advertising, Media, Public Relations, Design, Website & App Development, SEO and Social Media, we pledge to provide senior account management and strategic leadership for each client, every day.

Meet The Team.

  • Anna Covert | Principal

  • Elizabeth Werter | Executive Assistant
  • Pat Monick | Vice President

  • Christine Sullivan | Creative Director

  • Jenny Hansen | Director of Client Services

  • Kim Bock | Media Director

  • Kiana Kanoa | Social Media Director

  • Christopher Gaspar | Senior Account Executive

  • Shana Gerald | Senior Account Executive

  • Cameron Tullos | Software Engineer

  • Jonathan Roach | Senior Developer

  • Donjay Barit | Senior Developer

  • Bailey Monick | Social Media

  • Alexandra Cooper | Social Media

  • Lindsey Dawn | Social Media

  • Nitesh Thapa | Art Director


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